At logotype-sm, we believe above all in personal contact and in developing the chemistry of a soul mate. We approach every relationship with our client, other vendors and organizations as a partnership. We function seamlessly, we gain solid understanding of your needs, goals and image. We eventually amplify your desires along with providing good council and efficient management in all the areas of our expertise.

No matter what the size, location and time of the event we turn your dreams and vision into reality and we exceed your expectations. It is a trend that the majority of wedding planners offer packages and naturally we follow the trend, but with us the packages are mere suggestions and all can be tailor-fit. We help you to make informed decisions where you receive the greatest impact and value and we are always available and flexible. We are there for you from start to finish.

We also provide additional services which are listed on the last page of this brochure. We are available after the initial complimentary meeting at an hourly rate of $75 (3 hours minimum). This hourly rate is available when you only need specific aspects planned or you would like to tailor or customize your own package. We will be more than happy to provide you with the variety of options and prices to select and choose from. Please note that our exotic, romantic honeymoon destination travel and destination wedding/events are quoted by request and by appointment only.

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When it comes to weddings
we have four simple packages:
Silver, Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum

and, of course, the Concierge package which is a la carte.*
silver sterling
gold platinum

*Please note that these packages are abbreviations in order to give you a general idea. A full and detailed package is presented to you for your approval after the initial consultation. We accept all major credit cards.